A fast search engine for the nginx docs. Built with Ruby, AJAX and Elasticsearch.

  • dateless_time

    A Ruby gem to handle dateless time values. DatelessTime objects are a lightweight alternative to Ruby's default Time class, and don't care about timezones and DST.

  • reference_book

    A Ruby multi-context configuration library and DSL, distributed as a gem.

  • tagbox

    A simple jQuery plugin to painlessly create input boxes for tag lists like the ones used on StackOverflow or Linkedin.

  • Australia

    A personal project to chart my Australian trip. Consists of an iOS app to log entries and upload them to a web application. The web application displays them with a map by Google Maps.

  • SMPP Gateway

    A Ruby server application exposing a RESTful JSON API to send text messages. It interfaces via the SMPP 3.4 protocol to one of Vodafone's network systems.
    It features user accounts, authentication, queueing, logging, complex body-template substitutions and batch requests. (owner: Vodafone Italy)

  • RailsBase16

    A color scheme for Sublime Text and Textmate. It's an improvement over the basic Base16, optimized for Ruby on Rails.